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CUSTOMER SUCCESS | coaching & consulting

End the guesswork.

The work of Customer Success is often complex and challenging,

but the objective is simple: it's all in the name.


Who's growing your career?

(Hint: you need more than a great manager and your LinkedIn network)

Getting a coach was the best thing I ever did. Within 7 months of starting 1:1 sessions with a skilled and experienced listener who actually cared about my progress and knew what to do about it, I achieved my biggest ever promotion.

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CONSULTING | FOR business leaders

Build your company strategy for customer-led growth.

Your business can grow faster with Customer-Led Growth - even if you're already building on Product-Led Growth.

There's no need to guess how to do this - you just need the right guide to help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Hold on - you're just one step away from scaling the mountain!

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  • Small-Medium Business
  • Enterprise
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer Success?

Customer retention and growth is a top priority for any business, especially in SaaS (Software as a service), where there are often very low barriers to  customers on short term subscriptions leaving for a competitor, or simply cancelling when they aren't receiving the value they need from the product.

Customer Success is the company-wide approach to ensuring a constantly evolving strategy exists for customer retention and growth. In early-stage companies, the strategy is owned by the founders, but as the company grows, they'll often establish a specialised Customer Success function to take this strategy into the future.

Does my business need Customer Success?

If your Product reliably delivers great value to customers and is surrounded by a supportive community, it's very likely that your business is growing without the need for a specialised Customer Success function.

However, if your existing customer base isn't reaching its potential, and there's only so much more you can do through product innovation and community, it may be time to bring in the specialists, either as consultants or employees.

What does good CS look like?

A mature and effective approach to Customer Success - whether it's simply a company-wide mindset, or a specialist function - will mean that your existing customer base will grow independently of new sales (Net Revenue Retention) and create customer advocates and testimonials that expand you into new sales.

"He is a creative thinker that considers reality; however, he always pushes to delight with something extra as well."

Cameron Twomey
Cameron Twomey

Service Desk Transition Manager, Telstra